A downloadable Star'Shoot for Windows

Star'Shoot Beta is on steam right now, The Itch.io version is more an Alpha of the game.
The Steam version has a big visual update, few more bosses and a rogue like mechanics with item and shop.

Star'Shoot  is a Shoot'em up created in six week for a student  project. We had to create a procedural game where death is usefull. 

Avenge Earth by destroying dozens of procedurally generated  waves of enemies. Each death will make you stronger, will you be able to beat the score of your friends?

Project manager :
-Gal Joris

Game designer:
-Lead: Valle Ludovic
-Broussal Mickaël
-Guillaume cyril
-Gal Joris
-Lemaitre Zoé
-Welmant Guillaume

Game Artist:
-Lead: Gal Joris
-Dos Santos Mendes Anthony
-Broussal Mickaël
-Michel Julie
-Mougne Arthur

Game Programer:
-Welmant Guillaume

Sound Designer:
-Gal Joris

Install instructions

Unzip the file and enjoy.


StarShoot_v0.6.5.rar 31 MB

Development log


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this game is excited! :)

”There should be 'StarShoot_v3_Data'
folder next to the executable”



Yea we are sorry, we've seen that a bit too late. It should ok ok now !